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Street DD's

Street Photography

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Street photography aver DA and the wonderful photographers over the place!
Humbly, the artworks and photography which push me to contemplation, self questioning, thoughts, dream and feed my mojo...
Hope you'll enjoy!

About Street Photography

From my faves of #streetphotography articles, journals, etc...

A possible featuring


Check out these fantastic journals, collections, events and more curated by the best deviants around the Deviant Arena :heart:


Crossing Stripes by MARX77
by MARX77

I am sad to realize our dear Khuram has been seduced by the almighty street photog violent virus: the Stripe one. Once again, a peak of...


Communication by burningmonk

We've all witnessed such situations. All of us, whatever the place, the restaurant, bar or club we've been in. I even think we all thou...

Dominique by silber-englein

It's been a while I didn't write a critique... But couldn't resist the tempation here. It's a beautiful shot Nadja. I guess I start by ...

Street Articles - MUST READ

This will be my contribution to promote the Group
projecteducate and all which is linked from the Community Relations to...

What I do love, as a passion : Photography! And street one particularly ;)

'Let's talk about Street Baby...'Street Photography
What about Street Photography on DeviantArt?
The title is a wink to a band many of you know very well... ;)
Stay tuned this week! :la:
14 articles about Street Photography are scheduled, with contemporary approaches, thoughts, interviews and some studies about great Masters of the Genre.

Monday, June 29th
AM: Intro blog & Contest Announcement
PM: Origins of Street Photography and Jazz music

Tuesday, June 30th
AM: The Masters: M Raymond Depardon
PM: Tips and tricks for handling light and shadows

Wednesday, July 1st
AM: The Masters: M Robert Doisneau
PM: Geometry and Composition in relation to Street Photography

Thursday, July 2nd
AM: Eduardo Gajeiro - A contemporary street photographer
PM: Cliche's in Street Photography

Friday, July 3rd
AM: The Masters: Leiter and Weege
Origins of Street Photography and Jazz MusicStreet Photography
“A photo is a small voice, at best, but sometimes – just sometimes – one photograph or a group of them can lure our senses into awareness. Much depends upon the viewer; in some, photographs can summon enough emotion to be a catalyst to thought.” – W. Eugene Smith
The Origins
Play this while you read the article Heart
Jazz and Photography. The Street. They are one.
I am a pianist and have studied the instrument for thirteen years, learning the very foundations and all of the precise, rigid rules and techniques that Classical music demands. I have played Rachmaninov. I obtained my medal and diploma to teach music and Classic standards. But... it turns out that the thrill of a Charlie Parker's free sound, or the Thelonious Monk's inventivity, took me
The Masters: Mr Raymond DepardonStreet Photography
I’m coming from journalism, but at the same time I’m tempted by poetry, politics, and maybe the idea of being a witness, a belief that you can still change things with the image.
A Bit of Biography
from the Magnum Photos Agency
Raymond Depardon was born in France in 1942 and began taking photographs at the age of twelve, on his family's farm in Garet. He left for Paris in 1958 to apprentice as a photographer-optician in Villefranche-sur-Saône but joined the Dalmas agency of Paris as a reporter in 1960. He co-founded the Gamma agency in 1966 and was able to report from all over the world. Between 1974 and 1977, Depardon was a photographer and film-maker, covering various world events such as the kidnap of French ethnologist François Claustre in northern Chad. He found a passion in making documentary films. Some of which include the 1974 film Une Partie de Campagne and
Tips and tricks for handling light and shadowsStreet Photography Week
Many street photographers use the technique of photographing people against the light to get silhouette images. I love taking silhouette photos because they are featureless and provide enough food for thought. Silhouettes are not about specific people but about human beings in general. Their solid black color brings weight, drama and emotions. Silhouettes make images look more artsy and painting-like, leaving viewers to use their imagination to complete underexposed details. It is very easy to take silhouette photos if you know couple tricks. I want to share some with you.
The general rule is to find a light background, it can be sunset, doorway, open sky or sunny wall with shadowy area in front of it (see the image below). Your object will be black-lit, photographed against light.

Use manual exposure mode on your camera. Set aperture on F/8-11 to get in focus both subject and background and meter the brightest part of your p
The Masters: Mr Robert DoisneauStreet Photography
"I prefer my hesitations, my false paths, my stammering, to a preconceived idea." - Robert Doisneau
A Bit of Biography...
Robert Doisneau was a French photographer, born in 1912 and raised by his aunt, who was a pioneer of photojournalism as we know it today. He studied arts and crafts from a young age and began to experiment with photography when he was sixteen years old. He became the staff photographer while working for an advertising agency in the 1920s. It was just the beginning of his illustrious career.
Soon thereafter, Doisneau saw his work published in magazines and he worked on well-known advertising and photojournalistic campaigns. When World War II began, he was recruited as both a soldier and photographer for the French Resistance.
He was well-known for his unassuming, surreal, and lighthearted portrayal of life on the streets of Paris. Le baiser de l'hôtel de ville (Kiss by the Town Hall), one of his most renown
An architect on streetStreet Photography Week
Hello, my name is José Calheiros, and I am an architect that really loves to take street photos.
I don't like concepts or labels on things, I really think that feelings are the most important thing when we take photos on the street or when we are in the middle of the action or even far away. After that I think composition is very important. My architect genes come out and speak to me saying so, so let's see what I can tell you
I only take one photo of the subject, because that is, for me, the right moment and not the moment after. If the photo is wrong I delete and move away, I was not able to catch it.
When I am ready to go out and take photos, what do I do first?
What i do?
I first choose a lens. Usually I have my 24/70 mm (2.8) but when I travel I also use my 14/24mm (2.8)
My destination is unknown if I am in Lisbon I just go. If I am in a new city, I do my homework and study the best places to take photos (and for sure have the touristic/architec
EDUARDO GAJEIRO a Portuguese photographerStreet Photography Week
Eduardo Gajeiro, born in 1923 in Sacavém, Portugal, is one of that country's best photographers. His first photograph was published on the front page of the Portuguese journal Diário de Notícias at twelve years old. Today, nearly eighty years later, he is still working as a freelance photographer. 
His is a life full of amazing experiences. He worked at the Fábrica de Loiça de Sacavém in the 1940s and 1950s to document the life of its workers, heavily influencing his decision to become a photojournalist. When he was twenty years old, he collaborated with several magazines and journals including Diário Ilustrado, Eva, Match Magazine and Sábado. He became the official photographer for the National Ballet Company and for the Portuguese Presidence and Parliament. Additionally, he has worked for international companies such as Deutsche Gramophone-Germany, Yamaha-Japan, and Cartier. 
Gajeiro is an h
Cliche's in Street PhotographyStreet Photography Week
Street photography isn't about judgement, it is about visual impact. There is a tendency among some viewers to make hasty cliché presumptions about Street photography.  Most of the major painters copied others at the early stages of their careers. Photographers photographing clichés is just a natural step in their development. Sometimes even the photographers do not know if their shot resembles another one. The journal "Similitude Street" is a perfect example where two different photographers' photos resemble each other in a very close way.
Clichés are not necessarily bad. It's the emotional element that turns mere cliches into works that are relevant and emotionally resonant.
It's this emotional aspect that breathes life into all work, cinematic, photographic, or what have you, no matter how many times they have been visited in the past.
The great themes in life never go out of fashion, after all. While our en
The Masters: S. Leiter and A.Fellig (Weegee) Street Photography
What is Street Photography?
There are so many things that Leiter and Fellig, two great photographers, have taught us. They are two photographers who are the antipodes and perhaps not even street photographers. I don’t think street photography can be taught, and I guess that the best way is to follow your own instincts. But certainly by looking at the images of these two great photographers you can reflect and learn ways to get to know yourself . The most important thing is for your work to have its own personality and never let yourself be influenced by styles, fads and definitions.
Here we have two opposite characters: one who seeks the beauty and not seeking success while the other wants to describe the crudity of reality and said that he was the best (with some irony).
(thanks a lot to Eric Kim ).
Contemporary street photographers: Lukas VasilikosStreet Photography Week
“I became a photographer because it’s the easiest way for me to tell things about myself. My view of coming into this world, living and eventually dying.” - Lukas Vasilikos
“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,”  said Picasso. But what is art, what is reality, and what is the relationship between them? Does art help us to escape reality or force us to face it? I think it does both.  Moreover art and reality could be interchangeable, mixed into sharp slices of everyday life.  We can see it in the works of one the most interesting and original contemporary street photographers, Lukas Vasilikos.  His images are visual proof that the world is a theater and men and women are merely actors playing their roles. 

“The street is a field with endless possibilities, where surprises always hide behind the next corner. When
Gear for Street PhotographyStreet Photography
"The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it." Ansel Adams
I have my camera, but should I change...?!
I generally think that in terms of photography--and not only for street--the camera is not the soul and primary factor in taking a good shot. But for sure, we will all agree that a good camera, technically oriented to your utilization, will be better.
We will first discuss some important factors which are to be considered for street photography, prior to talking about the gear.
The factors to consider for a camera for street photography
“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” Dorothea Lange
Autofocus: Automatic focus is great, but... When you shoot with the intent to capture a decisive moment, even a quarter of second to get your autofocus locking could cause you to miss the right moment. Therefore
Emerging Talents in Street Photography - DA ArtistStreet Photography
The street photographs on DA
I hereby on DeviantArt enjoy watching many different street photography Artists. Some of them are total street photographers, dedicating their passion to it... And others are doing street but not only.
I find interesting that there are many styles emphasized through their shots, showing eventually as alreaday seen during the week that Street Photography is not that narrow and can be very eclectic, in its own representation and definition...
So who are they?
I recommend to watch and give love to all of these artists... Heart


What is street photography?
Ha! You didn't read my previous journals, did you?
Street photography is "un-posed, un-staged photography which captures, explores or questions contemporary society and the relationships between individuals and their surroundings".
Street photography is an eye focused on the ordinary, on the every day life. Its interest is in capturing every day moments and situations that filtered through the sensitivity, vision, personality of the photographer are able to pass emotions and sensations to the viewer.
Moments can be of every kind: ironic, sad, melancholic, surreal, wry, tender, beautiful, poetic, destabilizing, documentary. They all show aspects of life.
You can read my take on it here: Street, children, is a state of mind
I feel awkward/shy/embarrassed
Myth No 1:
People will stare at me, sue me, beat me up, break my camera, think I am a terrorist, shoot me and dance on my grave.

No, most likely people won't even notice you. Most likely they will think you are taking pictures of something else around you. Even if they do notice you, most likely they will pretend not to see you. Sometimes they will look at you as if you were a weirdo (which you are) and they will keep away, but most often they won't mind being photographed. Sometimes they will even feel flattered by it (well, ok, don't think you will get girls' phone numbers this way, though). I never had problems taking photos of strangers. If after taking a photo you look intensely to something else, people will think you were photographing it. If after taking a photo you turn and take another one...the same. If you get spotted and caught, just smile. People will be less likely to break your nose. If somebody complains abou
Street Photography is a largely misunderstood and misinterpreted photography genre.
Browsing dA's Street Gallery I'd say that people are under the impression that street photography is photography of:
1 street signs
2 side-walk close-ups
3 love padlocks
4 shoes (All Stars preferably)/photographer's feet
5 graffiti/tags/street art/cool vandalism
6 empty roads
7 cats
8 skaters
9 abandoned buildings/urband decay/trash
10 cool cars
11 cosplayers posing in fairs
12 family in family-trips, friends in cool poses
13 sexy models in subways/women wrestling in swimming suit (don't ask, I don't know)
14 lights bokeh
15 light paintings
So, let's try to kill the most common misunderstandings:
Street photography is not photography of (empty) streets and it is not necessarily a photo taken in a street.
Street photography most definitely is not photography of your All Stars shoes in the st
Street Photography for dummies
What do we need to shoot a Street picture?
1. A camera
Whatever kind of a camera is good. Either it is a ridiculously expensive rangefinder or an unbelievably cheap point and shoot compact. Either it shoots digital or it shoots film. Either it weighs a ton or it weighs few grams. ANY camera is fine as long as you have it with you.
2. A public place
This can be out in the streets or at the beach or inside a hotel's lounge or in a diner place or inside a supermarket or a mall or a school or whatever PUBLIC place. This public place must be visible in our picture. And things must be happening in this public place.
3. People
Exactly, people! We need people in candid situations. Definition of "candid" from Merriam-Webster's online dictionary: "subjects acting naturally or spontaneously without being posed" Definition of "candid" from Wikipedia: Candid photography is best described as un-

Also, feel free to browse the excellent tips and journals made here: Photography from ProjectEducate Galleries


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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
New Caledonia

Personally, I'm a modest but passionate photographer, on an eternal learning curve, still looking eyes wide open to the world (am a serial traveller for living) and to people (beware... :)).

Definitely pushing mountains and the "idées reçues" (google it) in order to preserve my faith in human beings and the richness you can get to listen to others and discover how incredible it is to be different...

I am definitely here to share and look at great talents, artists, and even more the underexposed ones.

I am involved in some really great groups :
:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcrphotography: :icondeviant365: :icongetdailydeviations: :iconprojecteducate: :icondaseniors:

I am founder of this group: :icondecisive-impression:
with a real great team of talented people, where we head to promote, feature and hopefully share about great artworks, artists, and art :)

Don't hesitate to talk, react or suggest as I'll be always glad to try to promote and feature...

I'd be glad to get any kind of comments or critiques to any of my shoots, or chats and discussions... Make yourself at home...

Current Residence: Noumea, New Caledonia...
Favourite genre of music: Jazz, blues, and gipsy...
Favourite photographer: Cartier-Bresson, Newton...
Favourite style of art: You and me
Operating System: worm in the apple
MP3 player of choice: my Son
Shell of choice: Night stars
Skin of choice: soft and warm


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Contests, results of contests, let's congnratulate and participate! 

5 deviants said Photographer? 52 Week Photography Challenge #18Welcome to CRPhotography's 52 week photography challenge for 2016! Every Saturday we will be announcing a new idea for you to photograph, and submit to us via comment on each announcement journal. This project aims to challenge you with new concepts and requirements that you may not normally face. This week's challenge is:
Take a shot of what symbolyzes Mother Nature in a city, an urban environment.
Try to go out and capture what symbolizes the mother Nature in a City. I can be a tree, plants, vegetation. Show the contrast with the urban environment.

You are free to interpret this prompt as needed.All photos must be new, and specifically taken for this challenge.Leave a comment in this journal with a link to your photograph.The deadline is Friday, May 6, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST.One winner will be selected, and will receive 100 Points within the first two weeks of
2 deviants said Photographer looking for a thrill down the streets? Neat Street Features Header Contest =Issue Eleven=Hello and welcome to Neat Street Features Issue Eleven. :newspaper:
I have a proposal for all of those willing for a little challenge...
I would like to have a street photography image as a header for this weekly journal feature. It would have some text edited on to it saying "Neat Street Features" or something along those lines.
Want I want my followers to try and capture is something alone the lines of the essence of well...capturing things! A street photographer at work..within their element..etc. Anything involving witnessing a moment or stopping time, it can be subtle, or it can be bold.
So for issue no 15 (one month from today) we can have a head image that will open every continuing issue for one year. Then every year I will have another "contest" for the next years header image! I was considering using one of mine, but the whole reason I do this weekly feature is to emphasize how much t
and Neat Street Header Image Contest Important UpdateCONTEST UPDATE hosagu:iconhosagu: Has offered 1200 points and a feature to the winner of this contest! Ironman emote 

Remember to add #neatstreet to your deviations or note me of your entries within three weeks. (May 16th)
  Have fun!
Also I'm not sure how fast the hastags update on dA! So might be good to comment or note me of your entry so it isn't missed!

Original Contest Initiative from Neat Street #11 posted on Monday (April 25th)
I have a proposal for all of those willing for a little challenge...

I would like to have a street photography image as a header for this weekly journal feature. It would have some text edited on to it saying "Neat Street Features" or something along those lines.
Want I want my followers to try and capture is something alone the lines of the essence o
2 deviants said Also result of a famous challenge!!! I Challenge You - Winners!Hello everyone,
Last month we brought to you a brand new art challenge courtesy of your Community Volunteers. We presented you a unique challenge in which you were paired up with other amazing artists to create something unique, of their choosing! We hoped this would help get you out of your comfort zone and practice your creative skills, and it seems that it did! If you need a refresher on how the challenge worked, go read this journal: I challenge you - Sign Up now!
1st place:
LualaDy and keykaye!
keykaye challenged LualaDy to create "a species I have made and used for things called Draki. They appear human but with dragon-like scale patches along some parts of their skin, and have some other features including horns, tails and wings. I normally only use two features such as horns and tail or horns and wings. They could be male or female with any coloration."
The result:
Congratulations!!! :la:

Street Photography - DD Guidelines


I'm the Street Photography CV!

  • I only take suggestions from this gallery: Street Photography I cannot feature anything else.

  • Make sure that the deviant hasn't already received a Daily Deviation within the past 6 months. FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?

  • Feel free to browse more in details my DD Guidelines here

  • Street Photography is subject to interpretation, and please, don't take badly if I had to decline your suggestion. I'll be always glad to get other proposals from you. I am here to highlight Street Photos on DA responding to this simple definition: “Street Photography is about people in context, in candid, unposed, and unstaged situations in public places, with no or minimum post-processing.” So go ahead! Send your suggestions! :heart:.

How to suggest

Just hit the "Note" button on my profile page and add the subject: DD Suggestion include the thumbnail along with the reason you think the shot deserves a Daily Deviation.
Self suggestions are welcome!

Street Photog' of the Day

Portraits Anonymous by Jinnger

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