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Humbly, the artworks and photography which push me to contemplation, self questioning, thoughts, dream and feed my mojo..
Hope you'll enjoy!


Mes coups de coeur.


Tea Time At The Bus Station by MARX77
by MARX77

An end of day, when the light burns beautifully and glimpses through radiant and warml tones. I've been first seduced by the light, and...

Postcard from China 35 by JACAC

This is exactly why I like photography. An emotion gets you, something takes place in front of your eyes, and the photographer will do ...

Viva la Vida by Batsceba

Sensuality. Delicate. Life (la vida :)) These are the first words which came to me, since caught by this shot. Technically, nothing to s...

Breaking the waves by Phoenixstamatis

There are different ways of shooting. There are the shots done and the works conducted after on it. And there are these (becoming) rare...

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Community Involvment!

This will be my contribution to promote the Group
projecteducate and all which is linked from the Community Relations to...

What I do love, as a passion : Photography!

10 useful things to make your life easier on dASenior Week
Hey guys! :wave:
Sometimes, as well as the real life, our virtual adventure on deviantART can get tough. Changes on the site, trolls, lack of points or premium memberships...many things that can make you go mad. :noes:
But fortunately, there are some useful tools you can take advantage of to make your experience a little bit easier. :D So, here it goes...
10 useful things that can make your life easier on deviantART.
#1: The Stick Menu
Actually, this is the thing that gave me the idea for the article. I already covered this tool in my journal as escamotage against Daily Deviations gone from the footer.
The Stick Menu is a customizable toolbar that every user can activate from their Settings. It allows you to have shortcuts to the main pages on deviantART, including Daily Deviations, Help&FAQ, and Chats.
How to activa
Through The Lens #13 ~ Mastering CompositionArguably the most important challenge that faces every artist is that of mastering composition.  Artists spend their entire life experimenting with different compositional tools in order to achieve desired effects. Throughout the academic history of art various books and theories have been written about principles and elements of design. The following list is not comprehensive and may vary from other lists that are out there, but I attempted to compile the most useful list of compositional ideas that I could with photographic examples of each of the ideas. Sometimes as artist we can spend so much time on technique and subject matter, that the basic composition of the piece we are trying to create gets overlooked. These powerful compositional tools not only help us to create more cohesive and complex art but they also help us to speak about art. Using the universal language of design, we can communicate with other artist in a seamless and direct way. My hope with this article is th Complications with CompositionI love seeing results on the camera screen, and through the lens. Often after I've taken a photo, I can't wait to get home and see it on the computer screen too. But my pet peeve is the maths and numbers behind getting it spot on. I can't deal with that, I loathe it, and actually it takes the fun out of Photography (for me anyway!) I know that some people love the technical details, I think that's why TouchedD and I work so well - he does the figuring out, I do the seeking for the shot - but if you're purely a creative type with no passion for delving into technicalities then hopefully this article will be able to help you.
You will find countless articles, tips, tutorials and theories on Composition. Many will throw advice and instruction at you before you can even press the shutter on your camera. In truth though, it can be much more basic than that. Before you take a photograph, think about why you're taking the shot. I know this doesn't work everytime, because often (like me)
PE: Presentation mattersPresentation matters
It's not just the artwork that tells you something about it's creator - on the internet, the way you present it is at least equally as important. Your painting can be a masterpiece, hanged in a local gallery, but as long as you post a blurry, badly cropped picture named "1564873" along with "..." in an artist's description, nobody will ever bother visiting your gallery. Creating a nice, representative profile page and setting a certain visual quality standard takes extra time and effort, but if you really care for your work (even if it's just a hobby), you should treat it with some respect.
I've already written a related article called The power of context that tried to explain how to place your work in a context in order to better connect with your audience, this one is focused
Ten Tips for Nature PhotographersThis article came about after a deviant specifically requested that we write ten clear, simple tips for Photographing Nature. Troubleshooting articles and information can be very useful, but sometimes breaking it down into manageable memorable chunks is so much easier. So without further ado please enjoy our Ten Tips for Nature Photographers!

1) Get into your environment

Yes, it's rhubarb. To be a true photographer, you must be at one with rhubarb.
When we talk about photographing Nature, we don't necessarily mean wide expansive rolling landscapes. Whilst they contain any number of elements that are nature focused and made up from natural resources - Nature Photography is about getting into your environment and getting up close and personal with these elements. So think of it like you are Photographing the components that make up that beautiful lan
Photography Troubleshooting: Understanding ISOHeader created by TouchedD
TheGalleryOfEve asked recently about SLR settings and in particular, a troubleshooting article focusing on ISO. So here it is! Hopefully this article will help you to understand ISO better, whether a beginner or not.
What Is ISO?
ISO within traditional photography, was an indication of how sensitive a film was to light. Within digital photography it measures the sensitivity of the image sensor. Basically, the lower the number then the less your camera is sensitive to light. Higher ISO numbers are generally used in dark situations to get faster shutter speeds but this can often mean that your shots are noisier. ISO 100 is the most widely used and gives crisp shots with little to no grain. Shooting in automatic means that the camera will select the appropriate ISO for the situations that you are facing, and work out the rest for you to reduce noise as much possible. But it's when you start getting more technical and
Thoughts about Photography - part 3In here you will find a few examples of works specific to different types of Photography, followed by various artists' opinion about what they think it's most important regarding their art and how to make it. You will come to see that while on some types of Photography many artists have similar opinions, on others their thoughts differ a lot, so read them all carefully and enjoy the article! - lintu47

pestilence says: "Photography, combined from the Greek words, Φώτο - γράφω, writing with light, as the above sentence suggests the pure essence of photography is light, without light there can be no photography. I have been asked many times what are the details of a good capture, what are the elements that compose a good pictur
How to Comment - Pointers and ExamplesThis guide was written by ProjectComment as a Group, by deviants for deviants. Not only have we sought suggestions from our volunteers, but we have examples of constructive comments from the rest of the community as well, making this a true, collective effort. After reading this, it will be hard to not write a constructive comment.
Each category of art has its own set of pointers in alphabetical order, suggested by our volunteers. If you have any more to contribute, spot a mistake, etc. please feel free to contact us! :D
General Pointers for All Categories
(Contributors: AGBBibag, Anjellyjoy, art-acheiver-4eva, CyberChristFF, eldestmuse, Kaz-D, leannecoleman, MachinesBleedToo, pullingcandy, seventysevenpercent, xblackxbloodxcellx, Zombienvy, 3wyl)
:bulletblue: Atmosphere/Mood/Feelings created – Does the artwork evoke any feelings and emotions within you? What kind of atmosphere/mood/feelin
How to photograph: Lightning and StormsHow To Photograph

Series 2. Lightning and Storms
Photographing lightning and storms can be very fun, but also very dangerous! Not only for you, but also for your equipment. With this guide you will learn how to photograph lightning safely and efficiently. 
Equipment that you will need.

A camera. Preferably a DSLR, but anything that allows you to control your shutter speed will work.A wide angle lens. Whether it's a zoom or a prime, something between 10mm and 30mm is usually the best.A tripod. You will need a sturdy tripod since you will be doing long exposures. A sturdy tripod prevents camera shake.A neutral density filter if needed. Long exposures will let a lot of light into your sensor, the best way to prevent this is by using ND filters.Proper clothing. Storms usually mean rain. Have a rain jacket or poncho ready.Remote shutter release.

Also, feel free to browse the excellent tips and journals made here: Photography from ProjectEducate Galleries

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Femmes Je Vous Aime - 9th Featuring 2015

Journal Entry: Tue May 12, 2015, 12:11 AM
Hi All

I couldn't resist to the


Kind of a highlight

dedicated to the Woman

All and each of


So strong and fragile,





So my confession:

We're nothing





the source. by Tooga

The last raindrop by PansaSunavee
The Two Sisters by laura-makabresku
A touch of blue glistening down her back by Batsceba
Untitled by eulalievarenne
struggled. by sollenafotografie
Lidia by duytter
0 0 9 by LizaStolz
Jardin II by MarinaCoric
soledad by existencia5
sonam kapoor by kickstandkid78
Addiction by Andaelentari
Alas by STelari
TheBook by se7eninone
Canvas by CarolineMadison
Waiting for my boss by tscharlie
Memory by Dosshaus
Say goodbye by Laurelay07
watching you by chriseastmids
avoir l'impression by matricaria72
Coastal Defences by Coigach
Alexandra-duet by rust2d
I Want You to know Who I Am by DistortedSmile
play of elements by creapicform
On a night so warm.. It's cold inside by TheBIankCanvas
079 Lipstick and Pearls by DistortedSmile
company by se7eninone
Iyi Uykular.. by gomit
Fade Away by Canankk
Rain Over Me by TheGalleryOfEve101 by Daiannae
) by birthday29
Dark side [04.2015] by SabakuNoShi
Haircut ala goat by AStoKo

My dipinto by Laysa

Je Craque by ZephyraMilie

love my new life by ahmedwkhan

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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
New Caledonia

Modest but passionate photographer, apprentice, still looking eyes wide open to the world (am a serial traveller for living) and to people (beware... :)).

Definitely pushing mountains and the "idées reçues" (google it) in order to preserve my faith in human beings and the richness you can get to listen to others and discover how incredible it is to be different...

I am definitely here to share and look at great talents, artists, and even more the underexposed ones. And every day it is the case...
I am involved in some really great groups :

I am founder of this group: :icondecisive-impression:
with a real great team of talented people, where we head to promote, feature and hopefully share about great artworks, artists, and art :)

Don't hesitate to talk, react or suggest as I'll be always glad to try to promote and feature...

I'd be glad to get any kind of comments or critiques to any of my shoots, or chats and discussions... Make yourself at home...

Current Residence: Noumea, New Caledonia...
Favourite genre of music: Jazz, blues, and gipsy...
Favourite photographer: Cartier-Bresson, Newton...
Favourite style of art: You and me
Operating System: worm in the apple
MP3 player of choice: my Son
Shell of choice: Night stars
Skin of choice: soft and warm


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